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Captain with a hard dicks fucks a willing cabin maid

This particular captain is burying his sword in a very willing maid with a very hairy coochie that sheaths his weapon. He spreads her legs wide as he receives in between and rams his shlong into her muff. After a few minutes of shlong ramming, she sits up and takes his cock into her mouth for some oral pleasure. They change positions with him laying behind and ramming his shaft into her gash while she licks and sucks on her nipple. This hotty then straddles him in reverse cowboy as she rides her naughty box up and down his shaft. He pulls his beef stick out of her coochie as she strokes his length and he shoots his jerk juice all over her hairy muff.

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A naughty brunette with her tasty breasts on display reverse cowgirls, doggies and reverse cowgirl-anals her partner before taking a resounding facial. A sort of punkish, Molly Ringwaldish gal (except way prettier) gives some succulent face and tit fucks her partner before bumpin' uglies with him. After a friend shows up, a d.p. ensues, capped off by and excellent double facial slog. Another beauty with superb melons gives a sizzling b.j. with great use of hands, and during her boob boffing, sweetly licks and sucks the face of her partner's pork. Missionary, anal and a burnin' d.p. follow. And the beat goes on...


Year: 1994

Director: Moli

Starring: N/A

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This one has the pint-sized pervert runnin' around and peepin' in on couples getting' their groove on, set to a ripped-off 80's music sound-track. Chumb rolls around the 'hood suckin' on necks and used tampons to feed his habit, and as long as he's rockin' his Sonny Crockett Ray-Ban knock-offs, he can even chill out in the sun!


Year: 1987

Director: Jose Adalto Cardoso

Starring: Renalto Alves Bim Bim Chumbinho

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Asian babe with huge tits gets her pussy filled with cock

Now this is something you don’t see very often; massively huge titties on a little Asian cutie. The dude seems to quite enjoy the weight of her tremendous tatas when he comes up behind her and grabs what he can in his hands. He comes around to her site, she unzips his pants and gobbles his cock. She lays down on a chair on her fantasy and he thrusts his boner into her gash. She receives rides bent over, she rides his stick and receives pounded flat on her before before she sucks his knob once again and he shoots his load of man juice all over her huge juggs.

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Shemale with big cock gets her ass pounded

Very sexy Latina babe with a huge set of titties and you wouldn’t know she was sporting a cock till the pants, or in this base, the skirts comes off. While has his lips attached to her knockers, and his hand reaching for her beef stick, she already has his knob in her hand and stroking. He receives down between her legs and sucks her knob before she returns the pleasure and pops his shlong into her mouth and swallows his length. She lays back on the table and spreads her legs to he can get good access and ram his shlong into her arse. She straddles his lap and strokes her own beef stick while he is pounding away at her booty. It finishes off with her stroking hers and his cock and him shooting his man gravy all over her juggs.

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Hot classic retro porn posted on: September 07, 2014 by vintage loving Maria

Very entertaining French porno directed by Michel Barny and starring Dawn Cumming as a prudish secretary whose daily experiences carry over into dreams in which the tables are turned and she plays the more desirable female who guys fawn over. These dreams are the basis for the pornos she writes in which she lives out her sexual fantasies.

Lenght: 01:08:50

Year: 1977

Director: Didier Philippe-Gérard

Starring: Dawn Cummings Erika Cool Guy Royer Jacques Insermini Jean Desforets Madou Sall Hubert Géral Carole Gire Karine Gambier Dominique Aveline

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Two babes get their pussy and ass fucked by a cock and cigar

What we have in this scene is two kinky beauties, 1 hard boner and a cigar. As one of the babes is licking on his schlong, the other is licking on the cigar. They both go down and takes turns running their tongues up and down his cock before the brunette straddles his lap and rides his pecker while the punk fucks the brunettes cunt with the cigar as well. The punk sucks his knob and the brunette receives bang by the cigar. Both sweethearts take turns getting both their gash and behind bang by the dude and get a faceful of Lola batter when he is done.

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Hot classic retro porn posted on: September 04, 2014 by vintage loving Maria

50's tits galore with double the babes

One thing about tatas, they will never go out of style no matter if its in the 1950′s or 2011. In this instance, two sets of titties are better than 1 as you see two and three honeys posing with their jugs bare. These hotties may look a bit different due to hairs styles but boobs are tatas and you will find an abundance of excellent ones. There are big boobs, small boobs, perky and even some that sag a tiny. And if boobs weren’t enough, there are plenty of muff and buttocks to see too.

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Latina babe gets her pussy pounded and fucks her guys cock between her tits

This scene starts off with this naughty Latina honey getting her twat pounded from behind. He lays down on the bed as she crawls in between his legs and slobs his knob. This is some major knob licking as she takes his whole length deep into her mouth and he is pretty big in length. They switch positions as she lays on her back, and he receives between her legs and rams his johnny into her tummy as she wraps her legs around his thighs to get him deeper. He pulls out his rod, straddles her waist and thrust his cock between her jumbo jugs and then shoots his man juice all over her juggs and mouth.

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Hot classic retro porn posted on: September 01, 2014 by vintage loving Maria

In this sequel to the insane Lesbomania of part 1, Sally experiences, for the first time, the strap-on cock of another woman in her own vagina! After a humbling encounter with an aggressive bull dyke acquaintance of hers, Sally continues her descent into world of rough lesbianism - finally culminating in a 3-input invasion of Ari's every orifice

Lenght: 01:41:47

Year: 1994

Director: Jim Gunn

Starring: Ariana Chantilly ace Cherry Corey Caine Heather Jessica James Roxxi Raye Shane Tyler Shannon Rush VixXxen Vaughn

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