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Joint Venture is a hilarious and erotic spoof of the Sexual Olympics held each year in New Jersey. The plot revolves around four room mates who decide to hold a love competition to see who is the best in fulfilling the erotic needs of a partner. To referee and judge this event they choose one of their friends, a sportcaster (Bobby Astyr) who makes wonderful running commentary on the whole spectacle, held in a loft and entitled WIDE WORLD OF SPURTS. Between the events, Astyr banters with sports 'dean' Gerard Damiano, acting as a sort of host-announcer for the contest.

Lenght: 01:04:50

Year: 1977

Director: Gerard Damiano

Starring: Vanessa del Rio Sharon Mitchell Bobby Astyr Peter Andrews David Christopher Gerard Damiano Michael Gaunt Robert Kerman Susaye London Paula Morton Ben Pierce David Pierce Pepe Valentine Jennifer Wright

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